What Happens When Your Disability Claim is Denied?

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It’s a nightmare scenario that too many workers actually have to face. They’ve been injured at work, they need time off to recover and they need someone to cover the medical bills. They think they’re covered by workers’ compensation only to find out…they’ve been rejected.

It’s a desperate situation to be in when someone is already injured and has to deal with the stress and fears that come from uncertainty over their finances.

What are they supposed to do?

First things first, it’s probably time to call a lawyer. If it’s possible to afford one, a lawyer is the best bet to get out of this situation. Think of the money that will be gained from getting your claim approved. It’s far more than the cost of a lawyer.

Whether you go with a lawyer or not, don’t panic if you are rejected. There are still a few things you can do to end up getting compensated the way you deserve to be.

I found some excellent tips on the Robert Wilson & Associates site, and I recommend even after those tips are pointed out here, that you do some research on legal sites, again, whether you decide to use a lawyer or not.

So, the lawyers of Robert Wilson say that the three things you need to do after you receive a rejection are:

Evaluate your claim and determine why it was denied

This is the toughest step, especially if you try to do it without a lawyer. What you can do is go over the whole application from top to bottom and see where there could be any errors. Without more guidance, it’s a matter of reworking the whole application to make sure everything is as thorough as possible and there are no inconsistencies. Again, this is much more easily done with a lawyer.

Collect missing or incomplete information

Once mistakes or missing information has been found, your job is to fix those issues. Whether it’s the need to provide more evidence from a doctor or more evidence from those who witnessed the accident, be sure to put everything down. The more thorough you are, the better chance you have of getting accepted the second time around. It’s better to provide too much evidence than not enough. And remember, everything must be completely consistent.


Submit your new application for appeal.

Hopefully, with a more thorough and careful effort on the appeal, you will get approved. I would like to stress, though, that getting a lawyer will significantly raise your odds, and since you are already in the appeal process, it’s really best to avoid taking risks.

Look around your area for lawyers and find out who is most affordable while still being considered reliable. The amount you’d pay would be a small fraction of what would come in lost wages and covered medical expenses.

Regardless, I wish you luck if you end up in this position. No one should have to suffer and stress over these issues if they were injured at work. I hope everyone reading this gets covered.

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