The Problem with Distracted Driving

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In today’s age, there are many reasons for car accidents. With a lot of efforts placed on the awareness and education of driving under the influence, which is still a huge problem, this is not the biggest problem. The number one cause of car accidents is distracted driving. The term “distracted driving” is a broad term that incorporates driving while doing just about anything on a cell phone or mobile device. In a recent study from Cambridge Mobile Telematics, distracted driving was shown to be the leading cause of car crashes.

According to the study, out of all the recorded drives that ended in a crash, 52% of those trips were due to distracted driving. These distractions are also not just quick glances at the drivers’ cell phones; the average distraction lasts 135 seconds. Not to mention that while these long distractions are taking place, 29% of the distracted drivers were exceeding 56 miles per hour. Driving at these speeds while distracted for on average 135 seconds, is clearly a recipe for disaster.

Since 2015, the fatalities on the road rose by 14%, which is exponential compared to previous years, and directly correlated to the increase in popularity in smartphones. Irony also plays a role in this dramatic increase, because smartphones are also the solution to this problem. Smartphones are what allow this data to be tracked, and the sending out of information regarding awareness and education to take place so easily. Because the solution is part of the problem and progress seems obsolete at the moment, it is important to know what your next steps are if you or someone you know gets in a car accident.

According to Williams Kherkher and their list of frequently asked questions, the most common question a client asks is, “I was hurt in a serious crash. What do I do?” This confusion is highly likely when it comes someone who has just been in a car crash. Instead of expecting every civilian to understand and memorize the laws involved in the crash and what you can get from it, there are experienced lawyers who can answer all your questions. Insurance companies will offer their clients settlements to try to avoid a lawsuit, and only professional lawyers will have the knowledge and experience to make an informed decision on whether or not to settle.

There are many things to determine after a car accident takes place. First being who is at fault, and from there the lawyer can determine what compensation you deserve. You need to find a lawyer you can trust. Therefore you can fully put your faith in them that you are truly being treated fairly by the court of law. It is very common for people to settle for less than they deserve because they did not seek proper legal assistance. Don’t let this happen to you or a loved one, and get the proper legal care you need.

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