Legal Contracts, The World of Business, and Labor Laws

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In today’s world, economic potential is the guiding force in all business decisions. Our society operates on money that is generated by trade and providing services. Corporate interests have abused their power resulting in the inconsistencies of their business practices. Many companies have very skilled lawyers who often compose dense legal documents that protect their interests more than the benefit of the client. Loopholes and other hidden agendas in legal documents can create mass confusion and in many cases can potentially ruin a new business before it begins to thrive.

The application of a legal contract in the business world is widespread. At every level of employment, citizens may be asked to sign a contract that binds them to terms described in the document. Many employers use contracts to release liability from the company for any injuries or other circumstances that come about from violation. These materials can come in many forms and have a range of applications in the business sector, private sector, and education sector. Agreeing to waive rights to wages or services is one of the main ways that companies can mistreat their employees. The documents often contain dense formulations of language to disguise their intent. Language is peculiar in that there are multiple modes of wording sentences that would leave the reader confused or unaware of their implications. As it pertains to business start-ups or entrepreneurs, these legal documents can cripple the business plans made on behalf of these parties. Because many people in the country depend on the assistance of financial institutions or other lending agencies, it is imperative that they remain cautious and have competent assistance to protect themselves and their businesses.

The United States Department of Labor is a government agency that is responsible for implementing occupational safety standards, wage and hours standards, and providing the public with statistics that give insight into the labor sector in the country. In 2008 the DOL released that they were able to recover more than $1.4 billion of back wages for employees across the nation. These wages were caught up in litigation that

These wages were caught up in litigation that were sometimes brought on by misleading contracts. Damages to the financial security of citizens through the unfair procedures taken by their directing authority cannot continue to happen. This inequality is the result of systematic issues that are responsible for the growing wage gap between populations.  Business owners, regardless of previous expertise in the market, should always be cautious when entering into the conditions of a legally binding agreement. As with any decision they make on behalf of their livelihood their primary concern should be self-preservation.

It is clear that our country’s economy will continue to grow as long as our institutions allow businesses of all varieties to thrive. The deceptive practices that are utilized by fraudulent businessmen are one of the most dangerous plagues to the future success of the U.S. economy, and workers can take action by turning to attorneys experienced in business law to make sure that they are protected against deceitful or dishonest contracts.





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